Sal Flip | Skateboarding Trick Tips


Adam Ottenberg slays and dissects a Sal Flip in the name of science. He skates you through the basic setup, the rotation and catch. He suggests some variations and makes it look super easy. Watch the vid below, hit a ramp and pretty soon you’ll be comfy with Sal Flip Frontside Noseblunts like it’s no big deal.

How To Sal Flip

The Sal Flip is a really fun trick, there’s a lot of things you can do with it. You can take it to disaster or you can just take it straight in. You can take it to tail, you can take it to smith, smith revert, disaster revert – endless possibilities with this trick.

When I’m doing it, I pretty much go as if I’m doing a lien tail. Go into the wall pretty much straight on. But instead of going [palm face down, grabbing front left nose with right hand] I have my hand ready [forward hand rotated palm up and outward]. Once I start going up the tranny I try to already have my hand ready to go and then you just launch it up to your hand, your board makes [the Sal Flip] motion and then you just throw it right back under you. My favorite way is to go to disaster cause you can do it nice and quick. It’s a fun setup trick. You can do it on big things and it gets a lot harder.”

Learn more about this SW ripper on Adam’s profile and scoop your next 8.5 Bacon deck at Skate Warehouse. Go skate!