How To No Comply | Skateboarding Trick Tips

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The no comply is a fun basic trick that presents endless opportunity for variation. It can be done on flatground, on banks or quarterpipes, off drops, plus the many variations of the trick itself (360 no comply, no comply revert etc.). Read on for a step by step breakdown of how to no comply. Get all the How To’s you need here at the Go Skate Blog.

Front Blunt | Skateboarding Trick Tips

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Adam Ottenberg teaches you a front blunt on the Cayucos ramp. Watch as he’l skate you through the roll up and best angles, good and bad foot placement and how to pop the frontside 180 out. Once you get this trick down, he suggests some possible variations. You can try it to frontside disaster, go to smith stall, smith revert or even slap your tail on the way down. Adam has a solid front blunt, now you can too!