SLO Spots – The Junkyard Rails

April 2, 2014

Talking about new spots we had found, Matt mentioned a rail spot he had seen right next to a junkyard. The spot had multiple buildings all with knee-high flat railing surrounding them. One of the buildings was an auto shop that had significantly higher rails. We parked the car next to the junkyard fence with the, “Beware Dog On Watch” sign. Looking at the rail Matt wanted to skate, I thought he was kidding at first until I saw his first attempt. I quickly set my light up and framed my shot and within a couple of exposures Matt rolled away with the gnarliest crooked grind I have ever seen him do.

SLO Spots – The Junkyard Rails

SLO Spots Junkyard Rails Matt Clifford

SLO Spots Junkyard Rails Crooked Grind

Matt Clifford – Crooked Grind

Check out more SLO Spots photos from Cole Garrett and stay tuned for the next one. He’ll be hitting up a new spot every couple weeks with an SW crew member. You can find the original version of this post on his blog and follow him on Instagram @photocole. Go skate!

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