SLO Spots – South Street Gap

January 21, 2014

This week I asked Matt if he wanted to skate south street gap, a popular spot to the local skaters. Asphalt from a parking lot ascends to the sidewalk, creating a gap from the parking lot to the street. We decided to skate early in the day to avoid the traffic. After grabbing some donuts and setting up my angle, I was able to capture a perfect frontside flip.

SLO Spots South Street Gap Matt Clifford Cole Garrett

South Street Gap

SLO Spots South Street Gap Matt Clifford Frontside Flip

Matt Clifford – Frontside Flip

Check out other SLO Spots coverage by Cole Garrett and stay tuned for more in the future. He’ll be hitting up a new spot every couple weeks. You can find the original version of this post on his blog and follow him on Instagram @photocole. Go skate!

Ever skated South Street Gap? Put a link in the comments to some photos or footy.

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