SLO Spots – Tank Farm Hydrant Gap

February 15, 2014

When I asked Matt what spot he wanted to skate, he told me about a spot with a fire hydrant that he had already filmed some tricks at. The fire hydrant is in between a sidewalk and a traffic-induced street.

SLO Spots Tank Farm Hydrant Gap Cole Garrett

Tank Farm Hydrant Gap

We got to the spot, and I set up my light and chose my angle. After dealing with the nonstop traffic and the perpetual appearance of a police officer telling us to get out of the street, Matt was able to pull of a beautiful hardflip.

SLO Spots Tank Farm Hydrant Matt Clifford Hardflip

Matt Clifford – Hardflip

Check out other SLO Spots coverage by Cole Garrett and stay tuned for more in the future. He’ll be hitting up a new spot every couple weeks. You can find the original versions on his blog and follow him on Instagram @photocole. Go skate!

Have you ever skated the Tank Farm Hydrant Gap? Link some proof in the comments.

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