Spitfire Wheels Throws SW A Pizza Party!

June 23, 2014

SW Spitfire Pizza

Skate Warehouse got greased up this past Friday thanks to Spitfire! The wonderful folks over at Spitfire Wheels threw us a pizza party. We were amped Spitfire would be so kind as to buy our crew and loyal customers pizza so we got the word out and invited everyone we could. We set up our tent, had a table filled with pizza and a little skate contest at that. A Spitfire sponsored pizza party is the best possible way to kick off a weekend.

Our own Pizza King Mike Roth and “Pizza Delivery Guy” Matt Rod, both quite the builders, crafted a unique, one of a kind pizza box just for the occasion. It was definitely the icing on the cake for the event, or shall I say, the pepperoni on the pizza. All the kids were throwing tricks left and right on this tasty pizza obstacle. A large box of prizes were dragged out and tossed to anyone who was landing rad maneuvers. It was a great day at the warehouse. Thanks to everyone who came out and to Spitfire Wheels for making it all happen. Pick up your next pair of Spitfire Wheels and more at Skate Warehouse.

Spitfire Wheels Throws SW A Pizza Party!

Spitfire Pizza Party-4

Spitfire Pizza Party

Grimy hands grasping their slices.

Spitfire Pizza Party-23

The pizza box reigns supreme!

Spitfire Pizza Party-2

Local homie grinding a crusty 5-0 on the pizza box.

Spitfire Pizza Party-3

Another local homie nose manualing across all the pizza toppings.

Spitfire Pizza Party-11

All the local SW lurkers.

Spitfire Pizza Party-5

Amon with a Halfcab Noseslide.

Spitfire Pizza Party-6

Crustiest Krooked Grind of the day award.

Spitfire Pizza Party-7

Cole fighting the pizza lords… and losing.

Spitfire Pizza Party-8

The signature SW tent.

Spitfire Pizza Party-10

The pizza lords continuing to win the battle versus Cole.

Spitfire Pizza Council-13

Head of the Pizza Council Justin Dougherty delivering more majestic Pizza Prizes.

Spitfire Pizza Diabolical-14

Our own SW pizza pawn Nate Hoover getting diabolical.

Spitfire Kid Pasta

Another loyal SW pizza pawn Ryan Varner aka Kid Pasta.

Spitfire Baby D!

Baby D grabbing his Pizza Prize.

Spitfire Pizza Party-17

Baby D leaving the scene with a new board in hand.

Spitfire Pizza King Mike Roth

Pizza King Mike Roth commanding orders and blessing the peasants with prizes.

Spitfire Pizza Party-19

One of the overflowing boxes of pizza prizes.

Spitfire Pizza Party-20

Local pizza peasant catching his new prize t-shirt.

Spitfire Pizza Party-21

Head of the Pizza Council Justin Dougherty tossing out beanies to all the hungry peasants.

Spitfire Pizza Party-22

Little pizza homie out there getting it.

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