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February 25, 2014

Introducing the Go Skate Blog Status Report, a weekly article about anything news in the skate industry. From who got kicked off what to who did what down wallenberg, be sure to keep checking in for the latest in skate news and to keep yourself more educated than the snobbiest skate nerd on your block.

Go Skate Status Report 2.25.14

Status Report TKTerry Kennedy kicked off Supra and Braydon Szafranski kicked on? Rumor has it that Fly Society’s TK is no longer riding for Supra and has been seen wearing Adidas. At the same time Braydon just signed a nice contract with them, in replacement of TK? I do not know. But I can’t imagine the ridiculousness of a Szafranski Supra pro model.

Fucking Pro and Fucking Rumored. Kevin Terpening has just gone pro for Fucking Awesome and released a nice edit to go along with it, Congrats, Kevin.

Fucking rumored is that Dylan Rieder (who is no longer on Alien Workshop in case you’ve been hiding under a rock) has been seen riding Fucking Awesome boards on the Huf Australia Tour. Now this does not exactly mean he’s on but we all kind of suspected him to follow in AVE and Dill’s footstep. We’ll just have to wait and find out.

Speaking of Pros! Tom Remillard also just turned pro for Expedition One. Expedition released a video in his honor. All about turning pro and his arm breaking 7 times on his journey to the gates of being a professional.

Status Report YounessEveryone knows that rumors get spread like wildfire or like women in a sewing circle. Said women have been telling me that Youness Amrani has some big news coming his way. But lets not jump to conclusions, no one likes to spoil a surprise. Plus these women have been lying to me for years.

Satus Report Wu Tang HufPut your “W’s” up in the air ’cause there is a Wu-Tang x Huf collab coming soon (said to release on March 1st). We have it all here at Skate Warehouse so be sure to keep your eyes peeled for any more news on the product, which should be up on the blog sooner than later. Whenever we decide to open our 36 chambers.

Status Report OlsonIf you haven’t heard yet, Alex Olson has started a new company. He’s yet to release the name of it but you can buy his shit from 9176922706.com. All his products are said to be of limited quantity and he’s not remaking any of it so you better jump on this stuff while you can. I’m personally quite a fan.

Status Report FourstarFourstar tours the Australian outback, well just Australia. The lovely clothing company is on tour in Australia and putting together a video of the whole thing called Crocodile Done Deal. We’ll be sure to post it on the blog once we get our hands on it.

Getting baked in Europe? The Baker team is also known to be touring Europe as we speak. Personally I can’t pass up a good Baker video, so I can’t wait to see how this one turns out. Maybe if we’re lucky Dee Ostrander will ollie two football fields this time.

A new hope for Globe shoes. Louie Barletta just released his new pro shoe for Globe. Personally I’m blown away. Normally I’ll disregard a pair of Globes and not even give them a second look. But The Taurus makes me want to take every terrible thing I’ve ever said about them and throw it out the window. Well done guys, we should have two colorways on the site hopefully this week, plus a review to break these down on our blog, so stay posted.

Status Report TravesuraLast but not least we have something just for the locals. The one and only Leo Romero and his band Travesura are rumored to be playing at Buffalo Bar and Grill on March 27th. So if you live in San Luis Obispo county you’re in luck. And if not, it’s just another reason to take a road trip.

Be sure to keep checking out the Status Report every week to get all of your latest news. Pick up all your skate goods at Skate Warehouse in the mean time.

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