Sneak Peek – Supra Greco Hammer Snake Shoes


Jim Greco is a total badass. A total badass needs rare snakeskin skate shoes. Set to strike on November 30th, the new Supra Greco Hammer Snake will be available at Skate Warehouse. Read more to get a sneak peek here at the Go Skate Blog.

Supra Greco Hammer Snake Shoes and Apparel

These shoes are very limited. The Hammer Snake is the latest offering from Supra’s Crown Coalition collection. The Crown Coalition is a small and elite federation of skateboarding establishments. You can only get limited edition kicks like these through Coalition members. Of course, you know Skate Warehouse stands within the Crown’s inner circle. Why? Because we’re a total badass.

The new Hammer Snake has all the killer features of the previous Hammer shoes. Lightweight, breathable, flexible, eco friendly, unmatched cushioning and comfort. But this rare colorway features a faux snakeskin upper for the entire shoe. Plus, it has a unique hammersnake logo on the tongue and Crown Coalition detailing on the insole. There will also be short run of tees and mesh caps to match.

Mark your calendar. November 30th. Wrap your talons around a limited edition pair of badass Supra shoes.

Crown Coalition Presents: Greco Hammer Snake

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Search the hashtag #hammersnake for more info and pics. In the meantime, shop our entire selection of Supra at Skate Warehouse and GO SKATE!

  • bubblegum casting

    ooooo dam I gota get a pair of these … how much do they retail for ?

    • Skate Warehouse

      We’re actually still waiting to find out ourselves, we’ll let you know when it’s announced!

      • bubblegum casting

        Thanks boss!