Supra Presents New Team Rider Pat Rumney

October 29, 2013

Supra Newest Team Rider Pat Rumney

Congratulations to Pat Rumney, the newest addition to Supra’s illustrious skate team. In case you’re not familiar, we’ve included a grip of videos featuring footage and interviews with this East Coast kid turned Southern Cali shredder. His other current sponsors include Deathwish, Kr3w, Shake Junt, Happy Hour, Brooklyn Projects, Monster and Coal Headwear. Good on ya, Pat, good on ya.

Supra Presents New Team Rider Pat Rumney

Growing up as a kid in a small town in New York it was always a dream of mine to get the chance to move out to California and skate some of these spots that I always watched in videos. All my favorite skaters were putting out their best shit ever from California. I just always wanted to be a part of that.

And that dream came true. Pat’s now skating classic Southern California spots with the very team he grew up emulating. Now watch his Kr3w Klips, Three Amigos 2012 Texas tour footy, Ride Channel Pro’s Picks and some throwback frames of the 14-year-old-grom. This dude rips and deserves the support. Congrats!

Kr3w Klips: Pat Rumney at Lincoln Park

Supra Three Amigos Texas 2012 Tour

Featuring Neen Williams, Keelan Dadd, Boo Johnson with Kevin Romar, Spencer Hamilton, Pat Rumney, and Nick Tucker.

Pat Rumney Shredding at Age 14

Ride Channel’s Pro Picks with Pat Rumney

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