SW Replays | Rick McCrank In Yeah Right

April 4, 2014

Every week a Skate Warehouse employee picks a favorite skate video part and we post that shit here on SW Replays. It could be new, old, dirty, bloody, gnarly, fuzzy, blurry, bonkers, sketchy, epic, infamous, overlooked or just plain local. It could be your sponsor me tape. It could be Nyjah’s Fade To Black. It could be old pros or new ams. It could be better… or worse then you ever imagined. Keep your eyes peeled for a new featured part every Friday from the SW crew.

SW Replays | Rick McCrank In Yeah Right

This week’s SW Replay is Rick McCrank’s part from Girl’s Yeah Right, chosen by our one and only Cameron King.

I chose this part ’cause Rick McCrank is a cool dude, it was a very influential part and it’s an enjoyable song.”

– Cameron King

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