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The skate world was hit with some despairing news recently; the infamous Clipper ledge is soon to be rendered un-skateable. But, rather than wallowing in sorrow, Thrasher Mag organized and hosted one last epic session at the legendary hubba- Bust or Bail 2. This isn't a normal contest by any means; rather than the skat…

Recently the Neff team packed up the van and departed from Long Beach, CA to do some AZ shredding. They stopped off at the Sedona skatepark and killed it, leaving no obstacle untouched. Leo Romero, Dakota Servold, Jaws and more all ripped the place to shreds, even with the desert heat on their backs. Check out the Neff…

It’s that time again, the bell has rung and its time for class. As we bring our bi-weekly segment of Status Report. Telling you as much skate industry news as the illuminati allows us.

Watch Aaron Homoki, Ben Raybourn, Clint Walker, Clive Dixon, David Gravette and Mike Davis get buck wild and weird out in the Birdhouse Yard Sale footage from KOTR 2013.

Birdhouse ends strong for the win. Mike Davis, Clive Dixon and Clint Walker are skate demons, Wee-Man tends to the van bar, Jaws blasts the biggest ollie of KOTR and you gotta see the enders with Gravette and Raybourn. Except for the karaoke, it's amazing. Congrats, guys!

Everyone wondered if Tony Hawk would get involved and get dirty to help Birdhouse on KOTR. Hell yes, he does. Also, Clint Walker is the make-out king, and Clive Dixon lipslides a monster rail.

Birdhouse kills it in Albuquerque, NM for the win! Watch Clint Walker, Ben Raybourn, Clive Dixon, Mike Davis, Jerome Case and Aaron Homoki slay their way to the top in Webisode 4 of KOTR 2013.

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