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Adam Ottenberg hits the Cayucos ramp to give you some tips on a backside 5-0 to fakie. Get comfy with 50-50s and 5-0s, watch the vid and step it up a notch!

Take a bite of this Skatefood snack filmed and edited by our own Jade Sadeghian. Shop crew and the homies chewing up spots around the 805. Put some local flavor in your mouf!

Adam Ottenberg slays and dissects a Sal Flip in the name of science. Watch the vid, learn the basics and pretty soon you'll be comfy with Sal Flip Frontside Noseblunts and Sal Flip Smith Reverts like they're nothin'.

Adam Ottenberg teaches you a front blunt on the Cayucos ramp. Watch as he'l skate you through the roll up and best angles, good and bad foot placement and how to pop the frontside 180 out. Once you get this trick down, he suggests some possible variations. You can try it to frontside disaster, go to smith stall, smith…

The 2013 Skate Warehouse S.K.A.T.E. bracket continues with Game 6 - Adam vs Jarvis. Watch the vid for results and subscribe to the SW YouTube Channel to follow this year's game. 12 skilled employee contestants, 3 rounds, 10 games in all. The final battle will be a 3-person showdown. Stay tuned!