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I don’t know about you, but I sure missed Alien Workshop on their short hiatus. Well, AWS is back in action and in the zone again. They have a fresh team of amateurs and new people behind the scenes handling business. Now being ran through the skater-owned and operated distro Tum Yeto, AWS is well on their way to becom…

For those of you that have been waiting for the new board brand Mother Collective to grace the deck wall here at SW, wait no longer. Mother has finally hit the shelves and is available in-store only! Mother is a real grass-roots company with a powerhouse team and we here at Skate Warehouse are proud to support!

Skate Warehouse is pleased to announce the first drop of new Alien Workshop boards while under the distribution umbrella of Tum Yeto. AWS has found a home with the likes of Toy Machine, Bro Style, Pig Wheels, Dekline and others. We're glad to see them land on their feet, falling in with some skateboarding staples. We'v…"I was supposed to pick a "halloweenish" part, so I picked Heath Kirchart in Mindfield. Why? Because fuck Halloween, that's why. No gimmicks, no bullshit — just gnarly, raw skating at it's finest." - Griff

This weeks Crispy New New comes via Skate Warehouse customer Tara from Virginia, and it definitely turned out to be a sick setup. With a Alien Workshop board, Theeve Trucks and Autobahn wheels all topped off with our own Skate Warehouse bearings, grip and hardware, we say you can’t go wrong!

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