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In this quick trick tip, Matt Clifford gives some good advice on how to do Kickflip Backside Five-O Grinds.

Charlie Bowman breaks down how to backside heelflip in this Skate Warehouse Trick Tips. Charlie shows you how to do it on flatground and takes it to a pyramid hip as well.

The backside 180, another basic trick and a fun one at that. Read more to watch the video after we go over the steps behind it. Get all your skateboarding trick tips from Skate Warehouse.

Adam Ottenberg brings you to Cayucos for some pointers on how to Backside Boneless. Watch the trick tip, go skate your favorite ramp, launch, catch, plant, and get back in there!

Adam Ottenberg hits the Cayucos ramp to give you some tips on a backside 5-0 to fakie. Get comfy with 50-50s and 5-0s, watch the vid and step it up a notch!