Indy F#ck the Rest Northwest Tour – Part 4

Indy F#ck the Rest Northwest

If you thought the first three parts of the Indy F#ck the Rest Northwest tour were gnarly, wait till you get a load of this. These dudes tackle some of the gnarliest terrain and make it look like an everyday walk in the park. Ben Raybourn, Willis Kimbel, Frank Shaw, Taylor Bingaman and more make it look easy and light the stoke all at once. Here it is, the final installment of the Indy F#ck the Rest Northwest Tour!

Ben Raybourn to Roll

Raybourn To Roll Thumb

Ben Raybourn has been on a killing spree lately. Getting tons of coverage in the mags, and consistently putting out new footage that’s the perfect mix of creative, gnarly and raw. His latest part, Raybourn To Roll, is no exception—and a definite must watch. Presented by The Skateboard Mag, check it out!

Nike’s “Lord of the Pies”

Nike Lord of the Pies

Nike has got a heavy squad, and they took some of their hardest hitters down to Austraila for some serious ripping. Check out Greyson Fletcher, Grant Taylor, Ben Raybourn and more get down on some gnarly transition skating. Filming, editing, song choice and of course the skating is all on point, as is expected from the boys over at Nike. Feast your eyes, here is Nike’s “Lord of the Pies”

On Contests with Brian Anderson

On Contests with Brian Anderson

Check out On Contests with Brian Anderson presented by Nike SB. BA talks about his first pro contest and what is like to have been a professional skateboarder for the past 18 years. Check it out here for some killer footage from Tampa Pro of some of the Nike crew.