Micky Papa “Blinded” Part

micky papa

If technical skating is your bag, Micky Papa is your man. It’s quite clear this dude’s got it, making hammers look like child’s play. Executing the pop and flick with surgical precision, you’ll be hitting the rewind button to see exactly what he just did. No wonder he landed a spot on Blind alongside tech masters Sewa Kroetkov and Morgan Smith.

Go Skate Status Report 3.24.14

Supreme Cherry Video Thumbnail

The Supreme Cherry video, Ronnie Creager off Blind, floating skate ramps, enjoi’s Oververt and more! Get your skate news in this installment of the Go Skate Status Report.

A Day at Dwindle Distribution

Dwindle Distribution Thumbnail

The fine folks at Dwindle Distribution invited us to their headquarters in El Segundo, CA. Dwindle keeps many of your favorite brands alive and thriving, including Almost, Enjoi, Blind, Cliché, Darkstar, Tensor, Dusters and more. We hand picked and heat-pressed our own boards, had an epic skate session with Daewon Song, Chet Thomas, Cody McEntire, TJ Rogers and more!