Setup Tips: Hard vs Soft Skateboard Wheels

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If you have ever shopped for new wheels you have undoubtedly seen a variety of numbers describing the hardness and size of the wheel. If you wondered what those numbers mean in regard to how the wheels will skate – SW is here to help out. Read on as we break down the difference between hard vs soft skateboard wheels. Find more Tips here at the Go Skate Blog.

Crispy New New | Stella’s Complete Skateboard

CNN Silver Sheckler Complete Skateboard

We know a good Crispy New New when we see one. So this weeks customer complete skateboard from Stella outta New York was a no brainer- a Plan B P2 deck, Bones Wheels and bearings and Silver Trucks all topped off with Diamond bolts and Grizzly grip. It was time for this skateboards close up. Nice picks, Stella!

Bones Wheels – What Shape Do YOU Ride?

Bones Wheels Abrasion Test Thumbnail

Bones Wheels set the standard for skate urethane. Many skateboarders have sworn by Bones as their favorite wheels, hands down, for decades. They so rarely flatspot that you’ll often suspect they’re 90% urethane, 10% magic. Find out which Bones team riders ride which STF shapes and why.

New Bones STF V-Series Wheels

Bones V-Series STF Wheels-6

It’s pretty much guaranteed that if you have asked around about what type of wheels people like to ride, Bones STF’s were in the conversation. Known for their longevity and flatspot resistance, Bones Wheels are certainly a top contender in the wheel game. In their most recent offering, Bones comes through with the V-series of wheels. With a basic no-frills aesthetic, these are definitely aimed towards the core skater. Bones offers a wide array of five unique shapes, in a plethora of sizes.