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Here it is people, The Emerica Westgate CC Shoe. This is beast-mode Brandon Westgate's second signature pro model shoe for the company that continues to stay golden -- Emerica. Hill bombs, huge gaps, rails... Brandon thrashes it all and doesn't seem to be slowing down. If the shoes can handle the man's explosive skatin…

It's official! Brandon Westgate is the newest member of the Element family and his first pro model boards are available now. Continue reading to check out the new decks along with a look back at some of the amazing parts Westgate has put out through the years.

Humble cranberry farmer and East Coast skateboarding powerhouse, Brandon Westgate, has officially joined the Element Skateboards family. We're excited to see what he does with such a powerful brand behind him. Decks are now available at Skate Warehouse and they look delicious!

Emerica does a damn good job of putting great shoes on our feet. From the large amount of different models to really make sure there is a shoe for everyone. Emerica took the crowd-pleasing Brandon Westgate shoe and made a more comfortable, lighter, chill model. Meet the new Westgate Cruiser LT.

Every Thrasher Double Rock edit is a best-of-the-session from skateboarding's best skateboarders. This vid is the best of Double Rock in 2013. Watch the best of the best of the best in 2013 at Double Rock. Booyah!

The new Emerica Brandon Westgate G6 went live on the site this week. Emerica sent us a pair well ahead of time to thrash and review. We had our very own Johnny Ransom put them to the test. Watch his shoe review video and take a look at the tech specs.

Emerica has announced an early release for the new Brandon Westgate Shoe. Officially available on 11.12.13, this higher quality pro model has everyone talking. The runner toe is back. If the outsole looks crazy to you, you were probably born after 1999. This is a return to the best of the early 2000's mixed with the hi…

Skate Warehouse premiered the Emerica MADE: Chapter One video at Palm Theatre in SLO last Thursday. Big thanks to everybody that came out to join us! After two showings of the film, we held an afterparty at Buffalo Pub & Grill. The crew got buck! Scope the photos for a glimpse into good times.

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