Integrity: Girl and Chocolate at Skate Warehouse

girl skateboards at skate warehouse thumbnail

Crailtap corpo dropped in to the shop for some harsh employee reviews. Watch as Mike Carroll and Rick Howard drill Girl and Chocolate riders Chris Roberts, Marc Johnson, Brandon Biebel and Daniel Castillo on their SW shop performance.

“Here at the Skate Warehouse, we’re all about integrity…”

- Mike Carroll

They may be impressive skateboarders but the quality of their daily work? Well, it’s concerning…

Thrasher x Girl Skateboards Collab

thrasher x girl chocolate apparel

What happens when Thrasher sparks a collab with Girl Skateboards? You set a Girl On Fire!

We’re stoked to present the new Thrasher x Girl On Fire hoodies and Thrasher x Girl On Fire T-shirts, now available at Skate Warehouse.

All black with flames and a hot girl ain’t your style? There’s also a Thrasher x Chocolate Skate Goat T-shirt in white that’s pretty sweet. Check it out!