The frkn WKND Skateboards at SW!


Born from the mind of Nike filmer and longtime weekendtage producer, Grant Yansura, WKND Skateboards combines the fun with the serious for an eclectic clash of awesome. The team consists of Raymond Molinar, Johan Stuckey, Christian Maalouf, Alex Schmidt, Taylor Caruso and recently Trevor Thompson and Andrew Considine. These goofballs don’t take themselves very seriously, but you should seriously check them out. Read more to peep the Babes Series!

The Slamlot From WKND Skateboards


Can’t wait for the weekend? More like, can’t wait for WKND! Skate Warehouse is jazzed to be expecting a drop from the new board brand WKND Skateboards, scheduled to show up any day now and offering up the sweet sights of the Babe Series. We’re throwing up The Slamlot in the meantime, a small masterpiece in the pointilism of skate videos. Enjoy and stay tuned for WKND Skateboards coming soon!

Brixton “Water Hazards” Tour Video

brixton water hazards video

Thrasher Magazine presents the Brixton “Water Hazards” Tour Video. Watch as Dolan Stearns, Christian Maalouf, Taylor Bingaman, Ernie Torres, Anthony Schultz, Kevin Coakley and Jordan Taylor rip all over this great nation. Brixton’s Water Hazards was recently featured in the October mag, be sure to pick one up.