Bust or Bail 2 | Ripper at Clipper

bust or bail 2

The skate world was hit with some despairing news recently; the infamous Clipper ledge is soon to be rendered un-skateable. But, rather than wallowing in sorrow, Thrasher Mag organized and hosted one last epic session at the legendary hubba- Bust or Bail 2. This isn’t a normal contest by any means; rather than the skater vs. skater format that goes against the most basic of the principals of skateboarding, Thrasher was tossing cash for tribute tricks and NBD’s. Clipper has seen it’s fair share of gnarly skateboarding over the years and has taken it’s cut of victims. Bust or Bail 2 was no exception to this, heavy NBD’s and a slew of noteworthy tribute tricks made the Ripper at Clipper a perfect good-bye to a spot that holds so much history.

Daniel Lutheran Propeller RAW FILES

daniel lutheran propeller raw files

Dan Lu definitely had a stand out part in Propeller. He’s got style for miles and skates some of the most buck obstacles out there, making hammers look like a casual walk in the park. Because of his laid-back style it can be hard to tell just how gnarly his tricks are. But let me assure you everything he puts out is heavy to say the least, and his Propeller RAW FILES are no exception. With skating this good, it’s no wonder Daniel Lutheran is amongst the elite on the Vans squad.

Vans Propeller Premiere

vans propeller premiere thumbnail

vans propeller premiere homeWhen you think of skateboarding a few brands immediately come to mind. For most of you that company is Vans. Vans truly has played a huge part in what skateboarding is today. They’ve been dedicated to skateboarding since day one and after almost 40 years they released their first ever full length skate video, Vans Propeller.

The Re-Education Of Jeremy Leabres

Jeremy Leabres Thrasher Thumbnail

When Jeremy Leabres surprised us all in the beginning of Emerica‘s MADE Chapter 1 video last year, everyone caught a glimpse of greatness. One year later, with a Thrasher Magazine cover under his belt, this explosive Emerica am and Toy Machine Bloodsucker has all of that criteria going for him and more. Toy Machine Skateboards and Thrasher Magazine present: The Re-Education Of Jeremy Leabres. Enjoy the video and please try to keep your jaw off the floor. Now shut up bungholes and prepare yourselves!

Andrew Lutheran’s “Going Bro”

Andrew Lutheran Thumbnail

If you’re unfamiliar, Andrew Lutheran is the younger bro of Toy Machine’s Daniel Lutheran. In an age where skateboard siblings are highly prevalent, this part definitely shines through. Sit back and enjoy this visual feast featuring special appearances by Daniel Lutheran, Leo Romero and Dakota Servold. Presented by Bro Style and Thrasher.