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A collaboration for the ages, the Spitfire x Deathwish collection is ready to burn it down and take no prisoners. From two brands synonymous with skateboarding, this combo is sure to please any skate rat young or old. With the likes of Erik Ellington, Taylor Kirby, Pat Rumney, Erik Valdez, Jon Dickson, Lizard King and…

Skate Warehouse was lucky enough to receive one shipment of the Free Antwuan Deck from Deathwish, which is already long gone. We're getting more though, so keep a look out over at the site for the next shipment, coming soon!

It’s that time again, the bell has rung and its time for class. As we bring our bi-weekly segment of Status Report. Telling you as much skate industry news as the illuminati allows us.

Since its inception, Deathwish Skateboards has been synonymous with heavy skating. So, once those Baker Boys boxes rolled in I knew this weeks Series Spotlight would be a no-brainer. In the all-new Spring ’14 drop from Deathwish we have the Ruins Series. See it here.

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