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In this week’s Series Spotlight we are featuring the latest offerings from skater-owned and run Magenta Skateboards. Shop all the board collections that have been featured on the Series Spotlight, HERE!

Skate Warehouse was lucky enough to receive one shipment of the Free Antwuan Deck from Deathwish, which is already long gone. We're getting more though, so keep a look out over at the site for the next shipment, coming soon!

The Sk8 Mafia Stained Glass series is a crowd pleaser. With models from Gray, Palmore, Sarmiento, Cao, James, Surrey and Kremer, these boards are sure to give you your fix. Check out this week’s Series Spotlight here at the Go Skate Blog.

The DGK G Riders Series is, as the name implies, G’d out. I’m a sucker for classic cars; even the hoopty ones. These boards come out in a full burgundy wood dye- each with a depiction of a different low rider. Clever model names like the "Kalis Supreme", “Marcus Carlo” “El Rodrigo” and the ever-classic “Coupe DesArmo”…

Real just dropped this video in support of their Wrecking Crew series, available now at Skate Warehouse! These dudes put a serious hurtin’ on some sick southwest spots.

Shuriken Shannon’s new P2 Weed Panther deck just hit the shop, so Santa Cruz put together a sick little edit to promote it. Check it out!

In their latest offering, Girl Skateboards presents us with the “Paint it Black” series. Always finding a balance between artistic creativity and humor, this series is sure to be a Crailtap classic. Be sure to check out our full selection of Girl and Crailtap products and check out this full Series Spotlight over at Sk…

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