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Our brothers from other mothers over at Lakai Footwear teamed up with the ballers at Diamond Supply Co for an icey cold new collab capsule. Two of your favorite brands came together to revamp some of your favorite shoes and the best two are now available at Skate Warehouse!

This week's Cripsy New New features the new Element x Diamond series of decks, plus some killer parts from our vast selection. Tensor Trucks, Bones Wheels and Bearings, all topped off with Element hardware and grip. Michael from Michigan is all gripped up and ready to rip, welcome to Crispy New New!

Now this is one seriously crispy setup. Rockin' a Polar deck, Independent Trucks and Spitfire Wheels, Helena did a killer job picking out some of my personal favorites. Finish it off with Andalé Bearings, Bro Style Grip and Diamond Hardware and you have this week's Crispy New New!

We got a killer setup for you on today’s Crispy New New. Birdhouse Deck, Theeve Trucks and Spitfire Wheels topped with Bones Bearings, Mob Grip and Diamond Hardware. Nice picks, Jake from Louisiana! We hope you enjoy your new board as much as we did!

The new Cliché Hair Cup Deck Series is available at Skate Warehouse! Pick up your favored nation's board and then watch this interview with 70's futébol legend Joey Brezinski.

The new Cliché Hair Cup Decks are available at Skate Warehouse. Find out first hand why you should buy the one with the mustache on it...

We know a good Crispy New New when we see one. So this weeks customer complete skateboard from Stella outta New York was a no brainer- a Plan B P2 deck, Bones Wheels and bearings and Silver Trucks all topped off with Diamond bolts and Grizzly grip. It was time for this skateboards close up. Nice picks, Stella!

This weeks Crispy New New comes via Xavier from California, he sure knows how to pick em. Riding on the all-new Royal Trucks, a rad board from Chocolate, 3D hardware plus some other choice components from Gold, Girl, Diamond and Black Magic, this setup is totally sick.

This Crispy New New comes correct with some killer picks from Girl, Thunder and Spitfire. All decked out with Bones Bearings, Grizzly Griptape and Diamond hardware makes this crispy a sick setup.