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Love Louie? Then here for your consideration is the Globe x enjoi Barletta Taurus. The same Globe Taurus that you have come to know and love, but with a little treatment from the crew over at enjoi

To promote the new Globe Abyss, Haslam dropped a full length pro spotlight part, and it's magic. Haslam has tricks that only a sorcerer could fathom. You will need to watch this video multiple times to completely grasp the level of difficulty involved in every trick he does. Thank you Chris Haslam, can't wait to see wh…

Ryan Decenzo rips, there's no way around it. Even two ankle surgeries couldn't keep him down. Banger after banger, Ryan Decenzo shows us why he's one of todays top pros. Here it is, Ryan Decenzo's "Double Down" presented by Globe, Darkstar and Thrasher here at the Go Skate Blog.

Inspired by the effortless style of Mark Appleyard, the GLOBE footwear team with Mark’s direction set out to design a shoe that embodies the Aloha spirit. This low top vulcanized shoe blends casual styling with high impact skate performance. The incredibly resilient PU “Shockbed” absorbs the heaviest of impacts while r…

Globe is starting too look like a top contender in the fight to be a leading shoe brand. If you had any questionable thoughts about Globe, all these models will be sure to put you in your place. So please take a seat as I take you to class on why you all will be purchasing these shoes.

The Go Skate Blog would like to highlight the newer apparel that arrives at the warehouse to keep you guys informed on the freshest items to hit our shelves. Keep your eyes on the Apparel of the Week posts - keeping you looking clean so your mother doesn’t have too.

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