Bust or Bail 2 | Ripper at Clipper

bust or bail 2

The skate world was hit with some despairing news recently; the infamous Clipper ledge is soon to be rendered un-skateable. But, rather than wallowing in sorrow, Thrasher Mag organized and hosted one last epic session at the legendary hubba- Bust or Bail 2. This isn’t a normal contest by any means; rather than the skater vs. skater format that goes against the most basic of the principals of skateboarding, Thrasher was tossing cash for tribute tricks and NBD’s. Clipper has seen it’s fair share of gnarly skateboarding over the years and has taken it’s cut of victims. Bust or Bail 2 was no exception to this, heavy NBD’s and a slew of noteworthy tribute tricks made the Ripper at Clipper a perfect good-bye to a spot that holds so much history.

Jamie Thomas Talks Zero Skeleton Hands

Zero Skeleton Hands Series thumbnail

The highly anticipated Zero Skeleton Hands Series is available now at Skate Warehouse, fresh out the oven and 100% gluten free. These boards feature some healthy Todd Bratrud designed skeleton hand graphics for all the heavy hitters at Zero. Which skeleton hand is yours?

Zero Cold War Video – World Premiere

Zero Cold War Video Thumbnail

The Zero Cold War video features Jamie Thomas, Chris Cole, John Rattray, James Brockman, Tommy Sandoval, Dane Burman, Tony Cervantes, Ben Hatchell, Tom Karangelov and Nick Boserio. It’s guaranteed to be a jaw dropper. Go to ThrasherMagazine.com on November 11th – 16th to watch the online premiere. Read the full post for more details. Cold War is coming!