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For those of you who have never heard of Agenda, it is the meetings of meetings in the Skateboard Industry. Think of it as a congress meeting, the NFL Draft, the fucking Catalina Wine Mixer, this is were the deals get made, product is pushed, rumors begin, and the entire next year of the Skateboard Industry is foreseen…

The Girl and Chocolate riders embarked on a week long trip of Going Dumb Up The 101 and their first stop was SLO Skatepark! They blessed the brand spankin' new park with a man-sized demo and plenty of loot for the locals. Don't be dumb, watch the Girl and Chocolate demo vid, buy some shit, go skate!

As you may very well know, our city has finally built a new skatepark! Well, word got out and the Girl and Chocolate teams decided to make a stop for their Going Dumb Up The 101 tour. Does it get any better than a Girl and Chocolate demo? We're honored that they chose to come to our town and get us even more stoked on…

This brand new collection comes at ya in classic Chocolate fashion: simple, fun and artistically sound. Boasting dream tree houses of their respective pros, these boards are an easy pick for long-time fans or those new to the glory that is Chocolate Skateboards.

Purchase any City Series deck and be automatically entered to win the entire Chocolate Skateboards City Series Collection signed by EACH PRO! Don't believe us? We've got the picture to prove it. Winner announced Sept. 5th. Purchase to enter HERE!

"Uh, quit strokin' your weiner and get the new Chocolate Jer and MJ Deck Series, dillhole. They just, uhh... like, got here... and they're pretty cool.""Yeah, hee hee hmmh he he he, these boards rule!"

We're just about a week away from the drop of the Marc Johnson and Jerry Hsu Beavis and Butthead decks from Chocolate Skateboards and they'll be sure to hit the SW shelves right around then.

Shortly after the announcement of Jerry Hsu joining up with Chocolate Skateboards we were blessed with this little gem. Add another Crailcouch to the bedpost, MJ and Jerry are back again.

Jerry Hsu left Enjoi back in September. It begged the question where this dirty virtuoso would go next. We think his new sponsor is deliciously appropriate. Jerry Hsu now rides for Chocolate Skateboards! Congrats Jerry.

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