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If you didn’t get a chance to pick up one of the first run of CK’s new shoe (don’t worry, new colors coming soon) at least you have this video of Cory Kennedy for the SB All Court. Cory rips effortlessly, and is always a pleasure to watch. There’s also some cameos from the rest of the Nike SB squad, GT, Justin Brock, I…

In this installment of Series Spotlight, we’ve got Spitfire F1 Streetburners dead in our sights. The Ass Grass or Cash series features two different shapes in five different sizes, ranging from 50mm to 54mm.

An extra make or two here, a twist of fate over there — and Real would have won this thing. Watch Jake Donnelly, Jake Ruiz, Justin Brock, Kyle Walker, Robbie Brockel and TJ Rogers in the Real Yard Sale footage for KOTR 2013.

The Real team hits Los Angeles for the final stretch of KOTR. They put down a rare (and awkward) three-in-one challenge, skate with Lil' Wayne, TJ Rogers melts your face off with tech and Brock talks shit after a beautiful kickflip late shove.

The Real team battles harsh bank-to-wall challenges, Mystery Guest TJ Rogers is a tech ledge-wizard, they find a mom who can kickflip, and Jake Ruiz continues to be the big surprise of KOTR with his shocking handrail assaults.

The Real crew gets in it to win it running through Portland, OR for Thrasher's King of the Road 2013 - Webisode 3. A stripper skates a flat rail, Brock tats Thrasher, pee gets chugged and Jake Ruiz lands one of the burliest 50-50s in King of the Road history.

You can watch the full video for free here on the Go Skate Blog. Click the Read More button to watch!