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This week we asked Zach to pick a part for the SW Replay. He chose a killer throwback to 2006 with Kenny Hoyle in The Kayo Corp It's Official video. Hoyle is a youngin and he's got style for days. Skating to Kanye West's "Jesus Walks" instrumental sealed the deal. This puppy's going on SW Replays!

DGK once again earns their reputation for progression and classic moves with a twist. Presented by Thrasher, the new DGK Blood Money video is a heavy hitter! Marquise is a board control wizard, Boo Johnson you'll have to see to believe and all the other Dirty Ghetto Kids are represented. Watch, get hyped, go skate!

Gold Wheels just launched the Gold Goons trailer for a full length picture due early 2014. The lineup is a packed madhouse of psycho talent and ballin' skate cats. Get hyped, fool!