Indy F#ck the Rest Northwest Tour – Part 2

Indy Fuck The Rest Northwest Part 2

The boys are back in town! The saga continues in the Indy F#ck the Rest Northwest Tour and it only gets gnarlier from here. Kimbel, Stearns, Guzman, Beres and Borden all keep the fire alive and shred some radical DIY ‘crete. These places are the spots of dreams and to see Independent‘s top notch crew of rippers tear it down is nothing but a pleasure. You can almost feel the crust and you can definitely feel the stoke.

Indy F#ck the Rest Northwest Tour – Part 1

Indy F#ck the Rest Northwest Tour

With some of the gnarliest dudes to ride the curved ‘crete on their roster, Independent stacks a heavy crew. So, as expected, the Indy F#ck the Rest Northwest tour was no slouch. Raney Beres, Willis Kimbel, Emmanuel Guzman, Josh Borden, Dolan Stearns and Kevin Kowalski all tore it up and left nothing but crushed blocks and dropped jaws in their wake.

Kevin Kowalski Pro Wheel Release Video Part

Kevin Kowalski Pro Wheel thumbnail

Born and raised Oregon native, Kevin Kowalski has a new pro wheel from Bones. Paying tribute to his roots, the Kowalski represents for all the epic Oregon skateparks. Kevin is part of a new breed of skater, skating gnarly pools, sketchy ditches or any terrain that is available to him, all without the need for pads. This part is pure, raw, skateboarding. A true hellrider, roaring through the streets at the speed of death. Enjoy! Pick up the Bones SPF Kowalski Parks Wheels at Skate Warehouse today.

Freedumb Airlines Crash Lands at Skate Warehouse

Freedumb Airlines Eagle Logo 250

Maybe you remember Freedumb Airlines from a ways back. Maybe not. Bottom line is it’s here, so it doesn’t matter what you remember! From the always exciting and interesting mind of Dan Drehobl, Freedumb Airlines is ready for take off!