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We recently got a quick Marc Johnson interview regarding his new Hand Carved Deck series from Chocolate. Read more to see the collection, get insights into his wood working and find out what MJ really thinks about Home Depot, Kim K's ass and more.

"Uh, quit strokin' your weiner and get the new Chocolate Jer and MJ Deck Series, dillhole. They just, uhh... like, got here... and they're pretty cool.""Yeah, hee hee hmmh he he he, these boards rule!"

We're just about a week away from the drop of the Marc Johnson and Jerry Hsu Beavis and Butthead decks from Chocolate Skateboards and they'll be sure to hit the SW shelves right around then.

Shortly after the announcement of Jerry Hsu joining up with Chocolate Skateboards we were blessed with this little gem. Add another Crailcouch to the bedpost, MJ and Jerry are back again.

Crailtap corpo dropped in to the shop for some harsh employee reviews. Watch as Mike Carroll and Rick Howard drill Girl and Chocolate riders Chris Roberts, Marc Johnson, Brandon Biebel and Daniel Castillo on their SW shop performance. "Here at the Skate Warehouse, we're all about integrity..." - Mike Carroll They may b…

Celebrating their 20th birthday, the Girl crew opened a nostalgic art show at the Known Gallery in Los Angeles. The exhibition opened on Saturday, August 17th, 2013 and runs through Friday, August 30th. If there's any way you can make it in time - trust us - you want to check this out.

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