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Introducing the new Lakai MJ Shoes Shoes from Lakai Limited Footwear. Marc Johnson's newest signature shoe is a case study in minimalism and comfort. Available now at Skate Warehouse!

Introducing the new Marc Johnson shoe from Lakai Limited Footwear coming soon to Skate Warehouse.

This weeks Crispy New New comes via Xavier from California, he sure knows how to pick em. Riding on the all-new Royal Trucks, a rad board from Chocolate, 3D hardware plus some other choice components from Gold, Girl, Diamond and Black Magic, this setup is totally sick.

This weeks SW Replays is Marc Johnson's part from Fully Flared, chosen by none other than Jarvis. “I chose this part because it has always inspired me to go out and skate, it's almost 15 minutes of pure magic and the music is tight!” –Jarvis

We recently got a quick Marc Johnson interview regarding his new Hand Carved Deck series from Chocolate. Read more to see the collection, get insights into his wood working and find out what MJ really thinks about Home Depot, Kim K's ass and more.

"Uh, quit strokin' your weiner and get the new Chocolate Jer and MJ Deck Series, dillhole. They just, uhh... like, got here... and they're pretty cool.""Yeah, hee hee hmmh he he he, these boards rule!"

We're just about a week away from the drop of the Marc Johnson and Jerry Hsu Beavis and Butthead decks from Chocolate Skateboards and they'll be sure to hit the SW shelves right around then.

Shortly after the announcement of Jerry Hsu joining up with Chocolate Skateboards we were blessed with this little gem. Add another Crailcouch to the bedpost, MJ and Jerry are back again.