Miles Silvas Official Pro Commercial

miles silvas official

A young buck fresh on the scene, Miles Silvas has consistently been putting it down with some of the smoothest style out. Destroying everything from rails and gaps to ledges- plus all around street prowess, Miles has definitely caught some attention recently. Given the constant amount of footage he’s been putting out, it’s no wonder why he’s joined the pro ranks with Organika and Adidas over the past year, and now he’s alongside Cardiel and Janoski on Official Welcome to Official, Miles! Check out Miles Silvas Official Pro Commercial here!

Best of the Best: Double Rock 2013

Best of Double Rock 2013 Thumbnail

Every Thrasher Double Rock edit is a best-of-the-session from skateboarding’s best skateboarders. This vid is the best of Double Rock in 2013. Watch the best of the best of the best in 2013 at Double Rock. Booyah!