Pedro Barros Propeller RAW FILES

Pedro Barros Propeller

Pedro Barros is one of the gnarliest dudes out right now. His video-game sized airs and consistent execution give us another reason to ask what’s in the water down in Brazil. Pedro burst onto the scene with undeniable force. With an impressive amount of podium finishes under his belt in such a short career, you know he will be a force to be reckoned with for years to come. His part in Vans Propeller was insane, and the Pedro Barros Propeller Raw Files give you a look at just how consistent he is.

Vans Pool Party 2015 Recap

Vans Pool Party 2015

If you happened to miss the 10th annual Vans Pool Party this past weekend it’s ok, we have the recap footage from Thrasher and Transworld for you here. Pedro Barros and Chris Russell annihilate every inch of the bowl, but in the end it was Tom Schaar’s silky smooth style and massive airs that earned him the win.

Vans Propeller Premiere

vans propeller premiere thumbnail

vans propeller premiere homeWhen you think of skateboarding a few brands immediately come to mind. For most of you that company is Vans. Vans truly has played a huge part in what skateboarding is today. They’ve been dedicated to skateboarding since day one and after almost 40 years they released their first ever full length skate video, Vans Propeller.