Polar “Manhattan Days” | Behind the Scenes

polar manhattan days

If you haven’t seen the Polar “Manhattan Days” video, you’re missing out. A Super 8mm short, released in October of 2014, “Manhattan Days” was definitely one of the coolest skate films of the year. Between the NYC scenery, the filming, skating, and music, the whole vibe of this video is nothing short of magical. Pontus Alv, Aaron Herrington, Jerome Campbell and the rest of the Polar/Cons crew give us a taste of what city skating is all about. Polar knows that it’s all about stoke and good times, but that doesn’t mean there is any shortage of amazing skateboarding. If you don’t want to grab your board and swerve through pedestrians and traffic with your buds after watching it, there may be no help left. Thanks to Jenkem Mag, we have some behind some scenes footage of the making of this 8mm masterpiece. Check it out here!

Converse Cons x Polar Skate Co. Collab


Cons x Polar ShoesWhen we heard a collab between Polar and Converse was in the works, we knew it’d be epic. Converse is the perfect example of clean aesthetics and has thrived off the classics since it’s inception. Mix this with Polar’s great graphics and you’re lookin’ at a five star collab. The Cons x Polar kicks will be online Saturday., October 4th.

Pontus Alv’s Manhattan Days for Converse Cons

Manhattan Days Thumb

Pontus Alv has released his new video, Manhattan Days in celebration of the Converse Cons x Polar Skate Co. collaboration shoe, coming soon to Skate Warehouse. Manhattan Days features the likes of both Polar and Cons riders including Aaron Herrington, Kevin Rodrigues, David Stenström, Jerome Campbell, Dane Brady and Pontus. The video is said to draw inspiration from early days of skating all over town while lugging around shit to skate and letting the day unfold around you. Pure and simple stuff.