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Real threw a massive demo at Lincoln Park in LA and surprised Kyle Walker with a pro board all at once. Busenitz, Torres, Aultz and more were all out ripping and ready to congratulate Kyle on his jump to the pro ranks. Just as the demo turns pizza party, Kyle Walker gets a glimpse at his first pro board. Check out the…

You could be the saddest sack on the planet but with the new Deluxe Spring '15 apparel it's all high-fives, sunshine and wayfarer shades. Based out of the legendary city of San Francisco (very cool) and home to brands such as Spitfire, Anti-Hero, Krooked, Real, Thunder and Venture (all extremely cool), it's no wonder D…

Davis Torgerson just turned pro for Real Skateboards and broke onto the scene with this killer part on Thrasher. Style, speed and trick selection, this dude has got it all. Banger after banger, Davis is here to blow minds. So here it is, Davis Togerson's "Ticket To Ride" right here at the Go Skate Blog.

Real just dropped this video in support of their Wrecking Crew series, available now at Skate Warehouse! These dudes put a serious hurtin’ on some sick southwest spots.

Welcome to the first installment of Series Spotlight, where we highlight a specific deck series new to the Skate Warehouse aisles. Today we’re taking a look at some new decks from industry heavy hitters, Deluxe Distribution a.k.a. DLXSF.

An extra make or two here, a twist of fate over there — and Real would have won this thing. Watch Jake Donnelly, Jake Ruiz, Justin Brock, Kyle Walker, Robbie Brockel and TJ Rogers in the Real Yard Sale footage for KOTR 2013.

From Best Firing Line to Worst Slam, from Worst Haircut to Most Chicks In The Van, here are Thrasher's Highest, Longest, Most Awards for King Of The Road 2013

The Real team hits Los Angeles for the final stretch of KOTR. They put down a rare (and awkward) three-in-one challenge, skate with Lil' Wayne, TJ Rogers melts your face off with tech and Brock talks shit after a beautiful kickflip late shove.

The Real team battles harsh bank-to-wall challenges, Mystery Guest TJ Rogers is a tech ledge-wizard, they find a mom who can kickflip, and Jake Ruiz continues to be the big surprise of KOTR with his shocking handrail assaults.

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