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We are stoked to announce the return of one of the best skate shoe brands of all time, etnies are back! Our first delivery of all new etnies just hit the shelves. Grab a pair and be the envy of all your bros.

This week's Crispy New New comes via Cristy from Pennsylvania and it's about as fresh as it gets. We all know Sheckler keeps it crispy and this complete follows in those footsteps. Featuring a Plan B Ryan Sheckler Deck, Silver Trucks, Spitfire Wheels, Bones Bearings and hardware, risers and grip from Shorty's, this boa…

"Sure, it has its faults; the acting is poor, the storyline is predictable, the soundtrack is horrendous, the motion graphics at the end of the film don't stylistically match any other aspect of the movie... stuff like that. Nevertheless, I totally liked the movie." (Michael Sieben for VICE)

We know a good Crispy New New when we see one. So this weeks customer complete skateboard from Stella outta New York was a no brainer- a Plan B P2 deck, Bones Wheels and bearings and Silver Trucks all topped off with Diamond bolts and Grizzly grip. It was time for this skateboards close up. Nice picks, Stella!

WTF is Alex Olson's Bianca Chandon?! Ryan Sheckler gets Stoned. C1RCA gains new AMigos. The Berrics 2UP manual contest has a winner. The Back Forty gets straight-up weird. Hoverboards are real and more!

Skate Warehouse crew road tripped to the Volcom True To This Global Premiere in Costa Mesa, CA this weekend. Check out the photos full of drinks and hijinx, bros, pros and adventure!

In the fourth episode of "The Making Of True To This", entitled 'The Indefinite Ride', Volcom dives deep into the unexplainable forces of nature which have created our destiny. Find a premiere near you on March 1st!