Josh Borden Born-N-Bred

Josh Borden Born-N-bred

With his step up from amateur ripper to the pro ranks with Santa Cruz, there’s been no shortage of Josh Borden coverage recently. Josh skates with speed, style and power and rips transition of any size with ease. Don’t let his tranny prowess fool you though, Borden is a true all-terrain shredder. Streets, ditches, backyard ramps… You would be hard pressed to find a spot Josh Borden shy’s away from. Congrats Josh! The pro board is well-deserved. Sit back and behold, Josh Borden Born-N-Bred.

Josh Borden Slash n Bash

Josh Borden Slash n Bash

Just before joining the pro ranks with Santa Cruz, Josh Borden went to town on a prime backyard pit for Thrasher Mag. Borden rips this thing with style, speed and a rad trick selection. He’s been flying under the radar for some time now, but that’s all about to end. Up close and personal, this clip is sure to get you stoked on skating and leave you hunting for a backyard pool of your own. Look out for more from this dude in the future, he’s sure to be ripping with that same laid back style we all wish we had.

Santa Cruz Down Under Statement

Santa Cruz Down Under Statement

One of the perks of getting paid to ride a skateboard is that (if you’re lucky) your sponsors will fly you pretty much anywhere in the name of the board. Well, the Santa Cruz crew got the privilege and took full advantage out in Australia. From parks to the streets to beachside kicker ramps, these guys do it all. Josh Borden, Justin Strubing, Emmanuel Guzman, Shuriken Shannon, Blake Johnson and Eric Dressen hit all the classic Aussie spots plus some you’ve never seen before. Santa Cruz Downunder Statement is no joke!

NHS Research & Development Lab – Part 2

NHS Research & Development Lab 2 Thumb

During our recent excursion to Santa Cruz we got an inside look at the NHS Research & Development Lab led by none other than head skate scientist Tim Piumarta. If you haven’t seen or read Part 1 of this article, be sure to go back and check that out! Watch, read and learn how hardgoods are rigorously tested for Santa Cruz, Flip, Creature, Ricta, Independent, MOB Grip, Krux, OJ and the rest of the NHS brand family.

Richard Novak Interview

Richard Novak Interview Thumb

You kids out there may not know the name but Richard Novak (and his partners Jay Shuirman and Doug Haut) literally created the skate industry that we know and love today. If it wasn’t for these guys pouring their blood, sweat and tears into the early days of 1970s-80s skateboarding—you might be holding a scooter right now. Inside of Rich’s brain is 40+ years of skateboarding’s entire history—take a peak behind the curtain and watch the interview!