New Balance Numeric Summer 2015 is Here!

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New Balance Numeric Summer 2015 homeNew Balance Numeric is back in action and yet again providing skateboarders with a high-quality footwear option. From slim lightweight vulcanized shoes like the Brighton and Quincy all the way to advanced cupsole models like the Stratford and Logan, the New Balance Numeric Summer 2015 line has got something for even the most discerning tastes. More photos within…

Adidas Respect Your Roots Collection Drop One

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Adidas Respect Your Roots homeDrop one of the highly anticipated Adidas Respect Your Roots tribute series is now available! Adidas teamed up with four iconic skateboarders, Kareem Campbell, Richard Angelides, Drake Jones and Joey Bast, to pay tribute to them for adopting the Superstars as a premium skate shoe, both in style and function. Drop one is available now and includes the Richard Angelides and Kareem’s. The Drake Jones and Joey Bast will be releasing June 1st for drop 2.