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If you know anything about the Sk8Mafia crew, you know that they roll deep. Why go it alone when you can have some friends along the way? They hit the road and brought along anyone who was down for the ride

The Sk8 Mafia Stained Glass series is a crowd pleaser. With models from Gray, Palmore, Sarmiento, Cao, James, Surrey and Kremer, these boards are sure to give you your fix. Check out this week’s Series Spotlight here at the Go Skate Blog.

Today's Crispy New New belongs to Alixandir from Kentucky, he definitely chose a killer combo of gear! You're looking at a Sk8 Mafia deck, Venture trucks, Bones wheels, Shake Junt bearings, Modus hardware and Diamond Griptape. Order a custom complete from Skate Warehouse and you might have the next Crispy New New!