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As the name of the part implies, Shane GOES! This part is absolutely bonkers, complete with pure technical precision and style as smooth as eggs. Shane O'Neill is one of the best out, and this part shows it. Brought to you by Thrasher and Skate Mental.

Congrats to Trevor Colden again on going pro for Skate Mental. Get excited about his new pro Skate Mental decks, now available at Skate Warehouse.

"Some people come out of the dark and into the light. Some people are warm and then they are cold. When you come out of the shower you are wet. Then there is a towel. Trevor Colden." —Brad Staba

The Supreme Cherry video, Ronnie Creager off Blind, floating skate ramps, enjoi's Oververt and more! Get your skate news in this installment of the Go Skate Status Report.