Bones Swiss European Vacation

bones swiss european vacation

Dream spots, rad skating and a killer crew all add up to the Bones Swiss European Vacation. Taylor Bingaman, Justin Strubing, Bobby Worrest and more will have you flowing with spot envy while they do work on some seriously cool terrain. Bones only f*cks with the best in the biz, so you know these dudes are straight killing from beginning to end. You’ll be booking your flights by the time this clip is over.

Indy F#ck the Rest Northwest Tour – Part 4

Indy F#ck the Rest Northwest

If you thought the first three parts of the Indy F#ck the Rest Northwest tour were gnarly, wait till you get a load of this. These dudes tackle some of the gnarliest terrain and make it look like an everyday walk in the park. Ben Raybourn, Willis Kimbel, Frank Shaw, Taylor Bingaman and more make it look easy and light the stoke all at once. Here it is, the final installment of the Indy F#ck the Rest Northwest Tour!

Indy F#ck the Rest Northwest Tour – Part 3

Indy F#ck the Rest Northwest

In the third installment of the Indy F#ck the Rest Northwest Tour, the crew is joined by Taylor Bingaman and Omar Hassan for some more all-out destruction. These dudes really know how to rip it up and if you thought Willis Kimbel was just a tranny skater — think again! From the parks to the streets these dudes prove time and time again why they roll with the elite Independent team.

Bones Wheels – What Shape Do YOU Ride?

Bones Wheels Abrasion Test Thumbnail

Bones Wheels set the standard for skate urethane. Many skateboarders have sworn by Bones as their favorite wheels, hands down, for decades. They so rarely flatspot that you’ll often suspect they’re 90% urethane, 10% magic. Find out which Bones team riders ride which STF shapes and why.

Brixton “Water Hazards” Tour Video

brixton water hazards video

Thrasher Magazine presents the Brixton “Water Hazards” Tour Video. Watch as Dolan Stearns, Christian Maalouf, Taylor Bingaman, Ernie Torres, Anthony Schultz, Kevin Coakley and Jordan Taylor rip all over this great nation. Brixton’s Water Hazards was recently featured in the October mag, be sure to pick one up.