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Cyril Jackson has been on a tear recently, and anyone that says differently has been sleeping under a rock. Raw power, speed and style will set you apart from the masses; and Cyril's got all of that in spades. Hand picked by The Boss himself, it's no question why CJ is pro for Baker. This part is five-minutes of pure h…

"Sure, it has its faults; the acting is poor, the storyline is predictable, the soundtrack is horrendous, the motion graphics at the end of the film don't stylistically match any other aspect of the movie... stuff like that. Nevertheless, I totally liked the movie." (Michael Sieben for VICE)

Baker Skateboards is just about as legit as it gets. Skater owned and operated, raw as fuck and completely about skateboarding, they represent all that is right in the industry today. Their most recent offerings include the Muertos series, which is classic Baker in every way.

Introducing the Go Skate Blog Status Report, a weekly article about anything news in the skate industry. From who got kicked off what to who did what down Wallenberg, check in to keep yourself more educated than the snobbiest skate nerd on your block.

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