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This week's colorful complete comes via James from Maryland. Nice picks, James! This board comes out swingin' with an Organika Deck, Theeve Trucks and Spitfire Wheels, rolling on Bones Bearings, gripped up with some sick new Mouse Grip and held together with some Creature bolts.

We got a killer setup for you on today’s Crispy New New. Birdhouse Deck, Theeve Trucks and Spitfire Wheels topped with Bones Bearings, Mob Grip and Diamond Hardware. Nice picks, Jake from Louisiana! We hope you enjoy your new board as much as we did!

This weeks Crispy New New comes via Skate Warehouse customer Tara from Virginia, and it definitely turned out to be a sick setup. With a Alien Workshop board, Theeve Trucks and Autobahn wheels all topped off with our own Skate Warehouse bearings, grip and hardware, we say you can’t go wrong!