Josh Borden Slash n Bash

Josh Borden Slash n Bash

Just before joining the pro ranks with Santa Cruz, Josh Borden went to town on a prime backyard pit for Thrasher Mag. Borden rips this thing with style, speed and a rad trick selection. He’s been flying under the radar for some time now, but that’s all about to end. Up close and personal, this clip is sure to get you stoked on skating and leave you hunting for a backyard pool of your own. Look out for more from this dude in the future, he’s sure to be ripping with that same laid back style we all wish we had.

Thrasher Gonz Cover Package

Gonz Cover Package Thumbnail New-1

Gonz Cover Package homeMore Thrasher goods have hit SW and this bundle is an exclusive, shop only collection, meaning Thrasher’s site don’t have it and you’ve gotta get it here. The highlight is the Gonz Cover package, which includes a hoodie, t-shirt and longsleeve tee all featuring the original Gonz artwork from the May 1994 Thrasher cover. Check the spread for the Gonz pack plus some of the classics in new colors.

Chris Russell Is An American Psycho

Chris Russell "American Psycho"

If you haven’t heard of The Muscle Hamster yet, it’s time to open your ears. Chris Russell is gnarly, and at the ripe ol’ age of 17 you can be sure to expect big things from him in the future. You don’t get on Creature for no good reason. Style, power, speed and rad trick selection—this dude’s got it all. You can catch him crushing a backyard pool or destroying the big walls at your local park, just look out ’cause there ain’t no stopping Chris Russell, “American Psycho”!