Tony Trujillo Propeller RAW FILES

tony trujillo propeller

TNT has been a Vans signature rider for over a decade now. Given that the only other people who can make that claim are Geoff Rowley and AVE, Tony Trujillo is in good company. Some might say TNT is a burnout, pile, or any number of things that might indicate TNT’s time has come and gone. Well, with the release of Vans Propeller Tony proved to the doubters that his spot on Vans is well deserved. Tony Trujillo is still as gnarly as ever, bringing insane tricks to the hairiest of spots. Most people would be stoked to get a slash at some of these spots, and TNT attacks with a barrage of next-level tricks. Peep the Tony Trujillo Propeller RAW FILES here!

Series Spotlight | Anti Hero Overdue Decks

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Anti Hero Overdue homeBoard chipped? Razor tail, perhaps? Maybe you’ve been skating ever so gingerly as not to aggravate that crack you’ve been nursing in the top-ply. Well it’s time to drop the shenanigans and get your hands on one of the new Anti Hero Overdue decks. Fresh off the press and ready to shred, this rad Anti Hero series provides a great alternative to reading and other time wasting activity. Get outta that lounge chair, kick off those loafers and hit the streets!

Anti Hero Israel Adventure DVD + Zine

Anti Hero Isreal home

Anti Hero Isreal homeIf you were stoked on Moigle Splatter, this is your dream come true. I like to have a hard copy of videos that get me juiced, and Anti Hero always comes through with the goods. Not to mention that this particular DVD comes with a ‘zine as a partner to the vid, you’re getting two forms of media that are actually tangible. Get your hands on one of these while you can, stuff like this only comes around once in a blue moon. Once they’re gone, they’re gone!

Vans Propeller Premiere

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vans propeller premiere homeWhen you think of skateboarding a few brands immediately come to mind. For most of you that company is Vans. Vans truly has played a huge part in what skateboarding is today. They’ve been dedicated to skateboarding since day one and after almost 40 years they released their first ever full length skate video, Vans Propeller.

Anti Hero’s Moigle Splatter Video

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Hell Riding in the Holy Land! The 1-8 crew and six stair productions, joined up with legendary DIY and public skatepark entrepreneur Mark Hubbard, in the land of Israel. Get your cucumbers and tomatoes, grab your mother fucking hummus, bbq some kabobs and enjoy Anti Hero’s Moigle Splatter.