Red Bull Hart Lines

red bull hart lines

In a first-of-its-kind contest we have Red Bull Hart Lines, held at Hart Plaza in downtown Detroit. The concept: two lanes to the finish with contestants judged not only on tricks, but also run time. Torey Pudwill, Ryan Sheckler, Ryan Decenzo, Leo Romero and more all put on a show- but in the end it was Curren Caples who walked away with the cash and a brand-new whip.

Thrasher Fatback: DVS “Pandemonium”

Thrasher Fatback DVS Edit Thumbnail

Thrasher’s Fatback edits are always good. This one features our friend Daewon Song along with Torey Pudwill, Luis Tolentino and others getting down on a trip to South and Central America. No matter how crusty the spots, these bros kill it. Daewon destroys as always and Torey’s pop is unreal. Costa Rica, Panama, Peru… no country is safe from the DVS crew!