Rowan Zorilla Propeller RAW FILES

rowan zorilla propeller

The Vans Propeller RAW FILES just keep getting better and better. Fresh off the flow-gram and into the amateur roster is Rowan Zorilla, one hair-ball dude with tricks to match. Rowan is definitely one guy to keep your eye on, he’s been on a killing spree since his Shep Dawgs 4 part. This dude’s got style and an eye for rad spots and the right tricks for ’em. Get your fill of the Rowan Zorilla Propeller Raw Files here!

Gilbert Crockett Propeller RAW FILES

Gilbert Crockett Propeller Raw Files

Gilbert Crockett has been one of my personal favorites for a while now. From his big-time debut in Ride the Sky to Mindfield to Bust Crew episodes and everything in between, Gilbert’s skating is always unique, powerful and more than impressive. If you haven’t checked out his part in Propeller yet, do yourself a favor and feast your eyeballs on that ASAP. Following up the release of Propeller, Vans is releasing some raw footage to give us a little extra taste; even an hour long film couldn’t contain all the radness of their team. First up in this series of extras is the Gilbert Crockett Propeller RAW FILES. Mind you this is NOT throwaway footage but unused footage that could have easily held it’s own in Propeller. If Gilbert’s part in Propeller only left you itching for more, today is your lucky day.

Vans Propeller Premiere

vans propeller premiere thumbnail

vans propeller premiere homeWhen you think of skateboarding a few brands immediately come to mind. For most of you that company is Vans. Vans truly has played a huge part in what skateboarding is today. They’ve been dedicated to skateboarding since day one and after almost 40 years they released their first ever full length skate video, Vans Propeller.

Vans x Anti Hero Drop One!

Vans X Anti Hero thumbnail

Vans X Anti Hero homeLike peanut butter and jelly, America and baseball, beer and BBQ and more beer, Vans and Anti-Hero go together hand in hand. A match made in the shadows of a 10ft concrete bowl. With the release of the highly anticipated Vans video on the horizon and the fact that nearly all of the 1-8 squad are reppin’ wafflegrip, it was only a matter of time before they hit us with the Vans x Anti Hero collab. Both Vans and Anti-Hero are deeply rooted and committed to skateboarding, the way it should be. Just ask the guy silently killing the big wall at your local park, chances are he’s skating Vans and Anti-Hero.

6th Signature Vans Shoe From Tony Trujillo Set To Drop

Tony Trujillo Vans TNT SG Thumb 2

Tony Trujillo Vans TNT SG HomeThe Vans TNT SG Shoes are the sixth signature Vans shoe from Tony Trujillo, slated to hit our site on January 10th at 9AM PST. If you’ve been a fan of the past TNT shoes then you’re in for a treat. This is a solid new version of the TNT that will not disappoint. Tony Trujillo is a staple rider in the Vans lineup and a big-timer in the industry. With a long list of past Vans pro models behind him it’s exciting to see a new one coming up. Check back in on Saturday the 10th bright and early for more pics, details and the link!