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When we got invited to the first ever adidas Skate Copa event at the Berrics, needless to say we were stoked. As homage to the World Cup, adidas arranged a series of shop team vs. shop team contests across the country for gold and glory. The competition was tough, the stakes were high and I couldn't be more proud of ou…

Spitfire Wheels threw a pizza party for the SW crew and customers! We built a custom pizza box, invited the local homies and got greasy. Thanks to Spitfire for the slices and prizes and to everyone who showed up. Go eat, go skate!

Skatefood Presents Cambria Clips, just a minute's worth of a mellow afternoon sesh at Cambria.

Altamont continues to bring something different to the table. The Spring '14 Altamont Apparel collection includes a slew of new pants, shorts, t-shirts, wovens and tank tops. See it here.

The Go Skate Blog would like to highlight the newer apparel that arrives at the warehouse to keep you guys informed on the freshest items to hit our shelves. Keep your eyes on the Apparel of the Week posts - keeping you looking clean so your mother doesn’t have too.

Take a bite of this Skatefood snack filmed and edited by our own Jade Sadeghian. Shop crew and the homies chewing up spots around the 805. Put some local flavor in your mouf!

DING! Round 2 of the 2013 Skate Warehouse S.K.A.T.E. games! The winners from the first 6 games (Round 1) advance through the bracket to pair up and duke it out. We kick off the semifinals with Game 7 - Mike vs Zach. This may be the best game yet, watch the vid for results!

It's time! The 2013 Skate Warehouse Game of S.K.A.T.E. is here. We have an exciting lineup. 12 skilled contestants, 3 rounds, 10 games total. The final battle will be a 3-player showdown. Watch Round 1 Game 1 - Zach vs Griffin and stay tuned for the next game.