The Emerica Herman G6 Vulc

June 17, 2014

Herman G6 Vulc-13

The Herman G6 Vulc is a new one from Bryan Herman and Emerica. Emerica has been in charge of the shoe game as of late from the release of the new Reynolds Vulc to this new G6 Vulc. People say if it’s not broke, don’t fix it. Obviously those people don’t work over at Emerica.

The original Herman G6 was already a top of the line shoe. To improve on it they added more technology while maintaining its great shape. I personally believe that the shape is the most important part of the shoe. Special features and added technology are a nice bonus but in the end it’s all about the feel and the shape. You remember the old Herman 2’s? From about 6 years ago? Well they have a similar shape to those. Coincidentally, they were one of my favorite shoes of all time.

The Emerica Herman G6 Vulc Shoes

Herman G6 Vulc-7

The Herman G6 Vulc has a few new features. It features some new G6 in-sole technology. They say it’s similar to the original G6 insole just with an added stabilizing support carriage. So if you thought your old G6 insoles could handle big shit before, jumping down El Toro will be filled with even more ease. These shoes also sport the new dropped-to-the-floor (DTTF) construction, made to offer up more board feel. Who doesn’t want more of that? The more board feel the better.

Herman G6 Vulc-6

Herman G6 Vulc-4

Herman G6 Vulc-2

The Emerica Herman G6 Vulc in Black/Gum

The Emerica Herman G6 Vulc Shoes are infused with the Bryan Herman DNA. It has the same G6 high-rebound lightweight cushion foam insole, with a stabilizing support carriage.

Herman G6 Vulc-8

Herman G6 Vulc-12

Herman G6 Vulc-11

The Emerica Herman G6 Vulc in Grey/Green

Vulcanized Gum Rubber outsole, with the Emerica Triangle Tread. Keeping with tradition, this Herman G6 Vulc utilizes Herman’s signature Heritage in the design, as well as its one-piece toe panel to avoid blowouts in the ollie area.

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