Toy Machine x Emerica Templeton Tees And Weeds

May 16, 2014

toy machine x emerica tee thumbnail.jpg

It’s always a beautiful thing when two powerhouse companies join forces to bring you some great product. Toy Machine and Emerica are amongst the best in the industry. So when this Toy Machine x Emerica collab happened we knew heads would roll. These two collab T-shirts feature some Ed Templeton artwork, which is always pretty mind melting. The artwork sits on top of some rad tie-dye, which is totally huge right now. Does it really get any better than that my friends? Nope, it defiantly doesn’t. Well, unless you’re looking at the latest #YOLOing pic from tempster_returns. Either way be sure to pick both of these up at Skate Warehouse today.

Toy Machine x Emerica Ed Templeton Tees

toy machine x emerica tee bluetoy machine x emerica grey

The Toy Machine x Emerica Tie Dye T-Shirt

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